Intelligent Krebs Stormer Viscometer

A Krebs Viscometer that is customer calibratable, 4 different Krebs units all shown simultaneously with a large LED to display all the information.
Manufacturer: Biuged
SKU: CB-10510
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CB-10510 is a newer Krebs Viscometer. It is widely used for making viscosity measurements on paints/coatings in accordance with ASTM D562. The digital version provides a constant rotating speed of 200 rpm providing consistent accurate results.


◆ Display 4 values simultaneously: “KU”,“cP” ,“g”,“℃”

◆ Designed with a Customer calibration fuctionWith the use of a Calibration standard oil, one can calibrate their own Krebs and save big over the years.

◆ The Krebs Viscometer has a large LCD which shows test results clearly

◆ Set test time and view real-time

◆ Print test results 

◆ Self protection function under over-range.

◆ Calibration Certificate Included

 MainTechnical Parameters:

■ Range:40.2KU~141.0KU     27-5250cP
■ Accuracy:±1.0% of full scale range
■ Repeatability:±0.5% of full scale range
■ Paddle speed:200r/min±0.5r/min
■ Overall dimensions:210mm×180mm×500mm(length by width by height )

■ Package Size:560mm×450mm×280mm

■ PackageWeight:9.2 Kg

■ Ordering Information:CB-10510 Intelligent Krebs Stormer Viscometer


The cP reading from the Krebs Stormer Viscometer isnot necessarily agree with cP values measured by other instruments due to:

    1. Unique shear rate of the Krebs Stormer Viscometer paddle spindle.

    2. Uniqueness of the Krebs unit scale


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