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Hardwood Inspector Moisture Meters

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Delmhorst 22-E Electrode

Two un-insulated pins with 1/2" penetration

MIZA Digital Hygrometer Psychrometer

Triple Display shows Percentage Relative Humidity, Dew Point and Temperature

Wagner MMC220 Extended Range Wood Meter

Wagner's MMC220 Pinless Wood Moisture Meter, for both exotic and domestic wood species. Covered by a 7 year manufacturer warranty.
$605.00 $395.00

Wagner MMI1100 Data Collection Wood Meter

Wagner MMI1100 Pinless Data Collection Wood moisture meter for exotic and domestic species, stores 50 readings, with amazing 7 year warranty.

Delmhorst TotalCheck Moisture Meter

For Hardwood Inspectors, Advanced Contractors, Quality Flooring Specialists
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Delmhorst TotalCheck Moisture Meter Concrete Package

Starter Pkg with one ASTM F-2170 RHT Sensor, Cable, 10 Sleeves & HardCase

Delmhorst Wood TechScan Moisture Meter PRO

Freeze readings in Hard to reach places with our Hold button feature

MIZA IRH-03 RH/T Sensor Plus Moisture Track Data Logger

8000 Data sets for RH, Temperature and Moisture

Tramex PTM 2.0 Professional Pin Wood Meter

NEW Digital Tramex PTM 2.0 pin meter with 500+ wood species & Drywall, 100 Memory, Color Screen, 3 point Calibration built-in, Statistics & more
$390.00 $351.00

Tramex Water Damage Restoration EZ Kit

Includes: -CME4 non-destructive, instant concrete moisture meter. -MEP non-destructive moisture meter for general building materials. -Easy travel case.