Flash Point Tester

Manufacturer: MIZA
SKU: CB-11040
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Flash Point Tester is designed and produced according to ISO 2719, ISO 2592,ASTM D93,D65, ASTM D 6450 standards. It is suitable to test flash and fire points(Except fuel oil and petroleum products whose open flash point is below 79℃).

◆ The design of firing adopts a patented technology, keeping a stable fire by means of controlling the flow speed for the flammable liquid. The operator can adjust the flow rate hence avoiding dangerous and factors which could happen by electronic or LNG firing .

◆ Clear LCD screen

◆ Small size, light weight and reasonable structured. 

Main Technical parameters:

■ Thermometer: 0~752°F (0~400 ℃)
■ Ambient temperature: ≤35 ℃;
■ Relative humidity: ≤85%;
■ Total power consumption:less than 650 W;