Digital Rotary Viscometer 100KmPa/s

Manufacturer: MIZA
SKU: CB-10310
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Our Digital Rotary Viscometer is an intelligent instrument for testing liquid viscosity. It can complete testing work under the computer’s procedures and display results on its LCD screen. It uses an MCS-51 series computer to constantly control the rotation speed and all the testing procedures. This makes it a highly precise instrument. Also widely applied in the field of petrochemistry, pint manufacturing, medicine, food, light industry, textile industry, scientific research, etc.

Main Technical Parameters

  • Rotors:Four rotors: No.1,No.2,No.3,No.4
  • Rotating speed: 6r/min,12r/min,30r/min,60r/min                      
  • Meterage error: ±5%(Newtonian fluids)
  • Electrical power::220V/50Hz
  • Weight:22.05lbs (10Kg)
  • Dimensions:12.12x11.8x17.72inches (308mm×300mm×450mm)(L×W×H)
  • Others:Direct Digital display(rotate speed, the type of rotors, results)
  • Digital Rotary Viscometer:10-100,000mPa/s(cP)