Automatic Scratch Tester

Automatic Scratch Tester determines the weight/force required to penetrate the coating
SKU: CA-12100

The BEVS Automatic Scratch Tester is used to determine the scratch resistance of a single coating or a complex coating system. A tungsten carbide stylus is scraped across a coated surface. A variety of weights can be added above the stylus to adjust the force with which it scratches. Select a standard weight for your test protocol, or gradually increase the weight to determine the maximum load at which the coating resists scratching.

Watch a real-time graphic display of your scratch test, and easily see Pass/Fail results displayed.


  • Large LCD touchscreen
  • Adjustable sample platform
  • Real-time graph of test
  • Sample Clamp with Ruler
  • Durable, high-hardness stylus
  • Test results displayed on screen

Automatic Scratch Tester Tester Specifications

  • Scratch Speed: 1.18- 1.6in (30 - 40 mm) / sec.
  • Scratch Distance: 2.6in (65 mm)
  • Power: 10 V/60 Hz (220V/50 Hz available)


  • Scratch Tester
  • Counterweight Set of 7 weights 0.11lbs, 0.22lbs, 0.44lbs, 1.10lbs, 2.20lbs  (50g, 100g, 200g, 500g, 1,000g),
  • Scratch Needle Stylus
  • AC Cord


  • ISO1518
  • ASTM D5178
  • ASTM D2197



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Automatic Scratch Tester